“There’s safety in closed herds”

New Zealand Life Sciences Ltd is a biotechnology organisation dedicated to creating high quality Animal Sourced Materials (ASM) and Xenotransplantable materials to the global healthcare community. This is achieved only through a proprietary system that uses closed herd technology and extraction processes that prevent animals from being exposed to outside pathogens, antibiotics and hormones.

In conjunction with our US Partner, PureMedFarma, New Zealand Life Sciences aims to produce pharmaceutical and medical devices such as heparin, insulin, thyroxine, collagen, bandages and xenotransplantable devices for the wider healthcare industry. We are also the first companies to register with the U.S.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an approved source of closed herd materials. 

Bovine Collagen Products LLC is an industry leading manufacturer of medical grade collagen products using closed-herd corium from New Zealand. They are approved suppliers to major pharmaceutical companies and will work in close conjunction with New Zealand Life Sciences to deliver the highest quality of materials & products to our clients.

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New Zealand Life Sciences strives to hire the most talented individuals from around the world. Our team spans across 6 countries, including; Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, China, and the United States of America.



New Zealand Life Sciences has the capacity to produce collagen in several forms, including Corium, Dry, Liquid, Bandage, and 3D scaffolding. NZLS also has the infrastructure to produce all 12 grades of collagen material.



New Zealand Life Sciences’ ability to provide specialised and high quality outcomes for its clients is only achievable by working closing with our international partners, all of which have spent decades consulting and contracting out to the largest pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnological organisations in the world.